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Kansas Conference
American Association of University Professors

Minutes of the spring meeting, April 14, 2007

The spring meeting was convened at 10:30 a.m. at Kansas University Medical Center in the Beller Conference facility - room 1005-1007. A welcome was offered by KUMC Chapter President, Dr. Jon Scheinman.

Business Meeting

Call to order: Brigitte Roussel, President

Approval of minutes of the Spring meeting: So moved by Elmer Hoyer, Seconded by Rob Catlett, approved by voice vote.

Financial Report-presented by Brigitte Round, for Rich Hughen. Note: Further billing is expected. Report moved to be accepted by Elmer Hoyer, Seconded by Jon Scheinman.

Election of Secretary/Treasurer .Rich Hughen nominated and re-elected by acclaim, for another 2-year term.

Committee A Report given by Elmer Hoyer: 3 Cases are being observed, at the same institution.

New Business: the Fall Meeting: Tentatively scheduled for 20 Oct 2007, Shannon Dyer at Ottawa U. Subject: the development of AAUP chapters. A panel was suggested of those with experience in chapter development.

Chapter reports:

KUMC - Jon Scheinman. We had a chapter meeting on 22 Feb 07. In attendance were Delores Furtado, past-President KUMC-AAUP, Jon Scheinman (JS), current President, and others who were not documented as current dues-paying members of AAUP. The topic discussed was University-Hospital affiliations. It was identified that the draft affiliation agreement of KUMC with SLH in Kansas City used language that appeared to change the faculty appointment process for Physicians at SLH to the sole domain of the Executive Vice-Chancellor. It also proposed an altered Educational Council for resident education that included only members appointed appointed by SLH and the Executive Vice-Chancellor.

At the next public “information” session arranged by the Hospital Staff, JS asked where was the Faculty in these considerations, and particularly of the Faculty Council. The chair of the faculty council was unaware of any consideration of this issue by the Faculty Council.

Faculty council meetings were then arranged for March 1 and 13, 2007, and at these, an ad-hoc Faculty Concerns Committee was created, and members elected by the Faculty Council. This Committee then solicited questions for the “Leadership”. JS's concerns about the pending agreements were distributed campus wide. A campus-wide meeting was organized for 17 April 07.

In material distributed there (from 31 Mar 07), the Executive-Vice chancellor's sole decision-making on faculty positions was reverted to the conventional process, but the altered Educational Council language remained: The Executive vice-chancellor said it was required by the ACGME for accreditation. JS called the ACGME office, found the administrator of Institutional Accreditations, who denied any need for such selection, and that information has been distributed campus-wide. We await action (or even signs of life) by the Faculty Council or its Faculty Concerns Committee.

The spring AAUP-in-KS was arranged for April 14, 2007, at the Beller Conference facility. Dr. George Holmes, president of the D.C. area AAUP conference agreed to participate in a panel discussion.

WSU: Most of this year's activities for the WSU Chapter are summarized in the Spring 2007 newsletter. Committee A has been involved in a couple of cases on campus.


Respectfully submitted,

Jon Scheinman (KUMC)
Interim Secretary


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