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Kansas Conference
American Association of University Professors

Minutes of the spring meeting, April 12, 2003

The spring meeting was convened at 10:30 a.m. at Washburn University, in the Kansas Room of the Student Union. The Kansas Conference was welcomed to the campus by the local chapter President, Thimos Zahacopoulos and by Dr. Gordon McQuere, the Dean of Arts and Science of Washburn University.

Business Meeting

The business meeting began with the conference president, Joe Yanik, presiding. Rob Catlett (ESU) offered a motion that the agenda for today's meeting be accepted, it was seconded, and the approved by the Conference.

  1. The minutes of the fall meeting (October 26, 2002) were distributed to all attendees. After reviewing the minutes it was moved by Mohamed El-Hodiri (KU) that the minutes be approved as written. The motion was seconded and it passed.

  2. The treasurer's report was distributed to the members present. After the treasurer briefly explained the report, Bill Roach (WU) moved that the report be approved. The motion was seconded and it passed.

  3. Elmer Hoyer (WSU-emeritus) offered a Committee A report. He presented the conference attendees with a handout that illustrated the most recent update to the on-line database for Kansas Conference Committee A (KCCA) case reports. The KCCA database (web-site) is now up and running.

    Information on Committee A activity in Kansas can be found at the website

    Information on the Family Medical Leave Act can be found at the website or by going to the Kansas Conference AAUP website at

  4. The next item of business was the election of the secretary-treasurer for the Kansas Conference. Rich Hughen (FHSU) was nominated by Elmer Hoyer and since there were no further nominations it was moved by Elmer Hoyer to elect him by acclamation. It was seconded and the motion carried with a 100% vote of all eligible persons (those present at the meeting). Rich Hughen noted, with some fear and trepidation, that the results of this election resembled the last and final presidential election of Saddam Hussein.

  5. There was considerable discussion about the Kansas Conference AAUP sending a letter to Governor Sebelius regarding the recent appropriations bill, which would compel the Kansas Board of Regents to eliminate funding for any department or division of a Regents' university that purchase or uses "obscene" videos in "human sexuality or other such classes." It was decided that such a letter will be written and that the Executive Committee would take the initiative in this process. This action was a result of a motion by Elmer Hoyer that was seconded and amended several times and finally resulted in the action described above.

  6. Our new president, Donna Potts, expressed an interest in having Elmer Hoyer, Chair of Committee A, be part of the Executive Committee. A motion to change our constitution so as to include committee chairs as part of the Executive Committee will be introduced at the next Kansas Conference meeting. To change the constitution requires at least a one-month prior notice to the membership that the motion is under consideration.

  7. The next item of business was campus reports. Several chapters reported on their activities. We are pleased that we had a faculty member present from Newman University, although they do not have an AAUP Chapter. We also had two faculty members present from Pittsburg State University.

  8. After lunch we had a panel discussion regarding "Shared Governance." The panel consisted of various Faculty leaders from several campuses. The members of the panel were: Ron Keith (ESU), Mohamed El-Hodiri (KU), Russ Jacobs (Washburn), Kirk Lancaster (WSU), Robert Kehle and Dick Lipka (PSU), Rich Hughen (FHSU).

    The panelists were presidents and prior presidents of faculty senates or similar faculty organizations on the campuses.

    The panelists were asked to respond to several questions such as: What is the composition of your faculty senate? How are the senators chosen? Who do they represent? Are there other senates or similar organization on your campus?

    The discussion that ensued was very interesting. There are many similarities with the faculty governance on each campus but many differences as well. KU, especially, has a different system with both a faculty senate and a university senate. The various campus committees, ad hoc committees and standing committees, run the full spectrum from appointment to the committees exclusively by administrators to selection of the members by the faculty senate. It would be instructive to develop a chart to compare the different campus structures. However, this secretary, as a member of the panel, did not take adequate notes, and does not have enough information to complete such a chart.

  9. The Fall Conference meeting was tentatively scheduled for October 18 at the University of Kansas. We discussed the possibility of finding an outstanding speaker to address the issue of intellectual property rights of faculty at this Conference.

  10. The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Rich Hughen (FHSU)


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