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KBOR Social Media

KBOR Social Media Policy
AAUP National Statement on this Policy
Kansas Conference AAUP Statement on this Policy
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Statement on this Policy
Wichita Eagle editorial on the KBOR Policy
Wichita Eagle staff report on the KBOR Policy
LJWorld Editorial
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Nebraska TV Story
KMUW Wichita Public Radio
The Capital-Journal Editoral
The Emporia Gazette
The Emporia Gazette
Kansas City Kansan
The Joplin Globe
The Wichita Eagle
The Emporia Gazette
High Planes Public Radio
The Topeka Capital Journal
The Kansas City Star
Topeka Capital-Journal
LJWorld Article
Opinion by KSU Distinguished Prof
Opinion in Morning Sun
Kansas City Public Media KCUR discussion
First AAUP of Kansas Higher Education Policy Convention Notice and Agenda
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